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Case Study:

npower - affinity marketing

1) Distribution and 2) added value

ConsultAffinity supported npower on two projects:

1.  Distribution

Having experienced great success with previous and existing affinity-based initiatives, npower was keen to expand its affinity partnerships in order to acquire further gas, electricity and telephony customers. 

2.  Added value

npower also sought to employ affinity partnerships to deliver value-added benefits to existing customers - as both an aid to retention and an incentive for customers to sign up to further npower services.

In both cases, ConsultAffinity supported npower by:

·        Helping to identify and prioritise new potential partners.

·        Developing prospect solicitation and presentation materials. 

·        Playing a lead role in contacting prospects.

·        Introducing prospects to npower’s affinity model and exploring the scope for new relationships.

·        Facilitating the development of relationships between interested prospects and npower’s partnerships team. 

The distribution project generated a number of exciting new opportunities for both immediate and longer-term implementation by npower’s partnerships and promotions team. 

The first partnership-based offers developed as a result of the added value project were launched to npower’s customers in the Winter edition of npower’s customer magazine, “Energise”, and included magazine subscriptions, experiences, travel and wines.  Further offers will be communicated to customers during subsequent months.

"ConsultAffinity is an excellent conduit for organisations like npower, enabling targeting and prospecting of new and innovative partnership opportunities without having to be at the forefront any formal approaches.  It enables us to feel the mood, ask and answer searching questions and to overcome difficult situations at times.  npower was delighted with consultative input and output from Jonathan Moakes and this was reflected particularly well in our second project on developing added value partnerships and propositions."

Aaseem Mulji, Head of Partnerships and Promotions, npower

Logo reproduced with kind permission from npower, which reserves all rights.

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